Medical Transformers

rin-medThe isolation properties of powersupplies in commonly used applications are not according to medical standards. These applications therefore can not be used in a medical environments. The easiest way to solve this problem is by using one of our medical approved isolating transformers.
These transformers are built and tested according to EN61558 and EN60601-1 and are approved by KEMA.
Our medical approved toroidal transformer range has four different types. 130VA, 260VA, 500VA and 1000VA. All these transformers have primary 2x115V (for series or parallel use) and secondary 2x115V (for series or parallel use).
All four types have a built-in selfresetting thermal cutout to prevent overheating. These transformes also have a static tapescreen between primary and secondary winding.

Typnumber Secondary
5N966 130VA 0,06mA 110mm 45mm
7N667 260VA 0,10mA 122mm 57mm
8N330 500VA 0,13mA 140mm 65mm
ZN229 1000VA 0,11mA 163mm 74mm