rin-400v-eThe transformers below have a primary winding of 400V. All these transformers are available from stock and can be supplied very quickly. Different secondary votltages and/or currents are available on request. Please contact us !

When you can not find a suitable model in the table below, please contact us. W@e might be able to help you out with a suitable solution.

type number primary voltage secondary voltage
20VA 1N741 400V 24V – 0.83A
50VA 2N310 400V 24V – 2.10A
2N364 400V 0-18V-24V – 2.00A one tap used at a time
120VA 4N416B 400V 0-18V-24V – 5.00A one tap used at a time
4N742 400V 24V – 5.00A
4N815 400V 230V – 0.52A
225VA 6N085 400V 230V – 0.98A
6N128 400V 24V – 9.38A
6H104 400V 24V – 9.38A
6N410 400V 27V – 7.5A 3V – 7.5A
6N1334 400V 42V – 5.36A
7N1206 400V 30V – 3.75A 30V – 3.75A
240VA 7N524 400V 0-18V-24V – 10.0A one tap used at a time
300VA 7N344 400V 24V – 6.25A 24V – 6.25A
500VA 8N228 400V 230V – 2.17A
8N612 400V 24V – 10.0A 24V – 10.0A
625VA 9N345 400V 24V – 13.0A 24V – 13.0A
9N1261 400V 42V – 14.9A
9N1304 400V 230V – 2.72A
1000VA ZN245 400V 115V – 4.35A 115V – 4.35A
ZN496 400V – 500V 42V – 23.8A
3000VA RN279P 400V 115V – 13.0A 115V – 13.0A