Custom made transformers

Amplimo BV is the largest supplier of toroidal transformers in the Netherlands en we supply a very extensive range of standard items directly from stock.

For every appliance a suitable transformer
we can design for almost every application a suitable transformer. Most of these transformers are available from stock so very short leadtimes can be offered. If you cannot find the right product on our web-pages, please do not hesitate to contact us, since we have many more in stock than our web-pages show.

Custom-Made toroidal transformers
Next to our standard range with KEMA, ENEC and/or UL/CSA approvals we also offer CUSTOM-MADE toroidal transformers according to your needs and wishes. These can be designed to fitrin-odd precisely in the appliance it is designed for.
Our custom-made transformers can also be supplied with KEMA KEUR (ENEC 05), and/or UL/CSA approvals. If you want us to send you an offer for custom designed products, please contact us be phone, email or by filling in our REQUEST-FORM.
With our production facilities in Europe and The Far East we can offer quick deliveries aswell as competitive priced alternatives.

Custom-made transformers can be wound with a variety of properties;

  • according to IEC standards, with UL/CSA approvals, with KEMA KEUR ( ENEC ) or according to medical standards IEC 601-1, etc.
  • with different primary voltages
  • with one or more secondary windings and different voltages and currents
  • with copper tapescreen (static shielding) to reduce influence of HF interference and transients from the mains.
  • with built-in thermal protection (melting or self-resetting)
  • with magnetic shielding to reduce the transformers strayfield
  • with center potting. This makes the bottom of the transformer flat, making it easier to be mounted on PCB or othe thin plate material
  • fully potted in a shell (plastic or aluminum) for nice appearance.
  • with solid or flexible wires
  • with different wire length then the standard 200mm
  • with different dimensions (diameter / height)
  • with mounted connectors or boolace ferrules.
  • etc, etc ……

If you have any requests or questions, please contact us to discuss possible options.

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